2022.09.08 NEWS RELEASE

MELTIN signs Memorandum of Understanding for joint development, demonstration, and commercialization with a company affiliated with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Research Products Development Company)

MELTIN MMI Co., Ltd. (CEO: Mark Kasuya, Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as “MELTIN”) and Research Products Development Company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Representative Director and CEO: Dr. Mishal Alharbi) Headquarters: Riyadh, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, hereinafter “RPDC”) agreed to jointly develop, demonstrate and commercialize products based on remote control robot technology, biosignals and medical robotics technology (hereinafter “MELTIN’s Technologies”) and signed a Memorandum of Understanding on 5th August, 2022.

Saudi Vision 2030 is an ambitious effort to transform the Kingdom and its economy into a vibrant, competitive, sustainable, and export-oriented manufacturing sector that is critical to the realization of Vision 2030.
NEOM is part of Saudi Vision 2030 to see the country develop into a pioneering and thriving model of excellence in various important areas of life.  Sixteen sectors are driving the implementation of NEOM’s vision: energy, water, mobility, biotech, food, manufacturing, media and entertainment, culture, fashion, technology/digital, tourism, sport, design/construction, services, health/well-being, education, and livability.
Manifesting the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) positions MELTIN and RPDC to take advantage of the collaboration to become recognized strategic partners in research, development, and innovations to catalyze the growth in key elements of NEOM’s sector.

Through this collaboration between MELTIN and RPDC, both companies intend to introduce its technologies into various segments including manufacturing, logistics, oil and gas, entertainment, medical care, nursing, and nursing care.
MELTIN and RPDC will accelerate further discussions and initiatives with a view to obtain certification and commercialization for joint technology development, demonstration, and introduction the broad framework of business segments.

Kasuya, CEO of MELTIN, said, “Currently, efforts are being made to realize cyber-physical systems all over the world, and I am convinced that this collaboration with RPDC will be a step toward creating a new impactful technologies. During the discussion with Dr. Nahid Sidki, CTO of RPDC, who came to Japan in August this year, we discussed common issues associated with technological innovation such as robots and AI, and we believe that working together will produce a strong synergistic effect. Utilizing the products, technical know-how and knowledge that we are developing, we will contribute to the research, development and innovations (RDI) in Saudi Arabia, and at the same time, MELTIN’s vision is to create a society in which everyone can live as they please, without any inconvenience, through cyborg technology. We would like to take this as an opportunity to accelerate social implementation.”

In creating new industries through technological innovations such as robots and Artificial Intelligence (AI), we will discuss elements to be considered, measures for social dissemination, and issues with various experts and companies active in the technology field. We will disseminate information for wide use as social infrastructure.

< Corporate information >
Established in 2013. A venture company that operates a cyborg business using biosignals and robot technology, with its head office in Tokyo and a development base in Minamisoma City, Fukushima Prefecture. The avatar robot “MELTANT-α”, to be a concept model in 2018, the demonstration test machine “MELTANT-β” in 2020, and the robotic neurorehabilitation device “MELTz” for finger paralysis in 2022. Rehabilitation System” (Second-class medical device manufacturing and sales license and Class II medical device certification acquired) announced. Certified company of “J-Startup”, a startup support program by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

RPDC(Research Products Development Company)
RPDC is a subsidiary of TAQNIA (The Saudi Technology Development and Investment Company), wholly owned by the Public Investment Fund (PIF) led by the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. RPDC is the national center for technology development and commercialization in Saudi Arabia. RPDC is aligned with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 and other national initiatives to transform Saudi Arabia’s economy. The company established with the aim of promoting sustainable technology development and product commercialization to support and achieve the Vision 2030.

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