MELTIN MMI is expertise in R&D and commercialization of medical devices and avatar robots by using bio-signals in order to develop bio-signal processing technology and avatar robot technology. Because our ultimate goal is to realize Cyborg Technology that is well known as artificial body and brain-machine interface (interface between brain and machine) for unleashing human's physical limitation and maximizing our creativity for embodying a world where everyone can make their dreams come true.


  • Masahiro [Mark] KASUYA

    Ph.D., CEO

  • Tatsuya Seki


  • Shigeyuki Nishinaka

    Ph.D., Director

  • Mizuki Komasa


  • Takahiro Uchida

    M.D., Ph.D., M.S., Medical Adviser

  • Sumio Ito


  • Shusuke Fukamachi


  • Yuki Tazaki


  • Masahiro Shinoda

    Medical Device Manager

  • Kensaku Yamamoto


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  • Company Name


  • Capital Stock

    JPY 100M

  • Founded

    19th July 2013

  • Founders

    CEO Masahiro [Mark] Kasuya
    CTO Tatsuya Seki
    Director Shigeyuki Nishinaka
    Director Mizuki Komasa
    Director Sumio Ito
    Auditor Shusuke Fukamachi

  • Business Lines

    Cyborg business by using bio-signal and robot technology.

    - R&D · Commercialization of medical and welfare equipment.
    - R&D · Commercialization of avatar robot.
    - R&D · Commercialization of empowering robots and devices.


Masahiro [Mark] KASUYA

Ph.D., CEO

In 1991, he began to discover that humans have “limitations.” In 1998, he pondered on the possibility of combining medicine and engineering to overcome these limitations and began his research on cyborg technology in 2002. He received the Young Investigation Excellence Award from the Robotic Society of Japan in 2011. After working as a research fellow at the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, he received a Ph.D. degree in robotics and artificial intelligence in 2016. He is responsible for a wide variety of developmental activities, such as circuit and mechanical designing, firmware development, and network system construction.

Tatsuya Seki


He has extensive experience in research on the biomimetic robot system and man-machine interfaces using biosignals. He was awarded the Young Award from IEEE Robotics and Automation Society Japan Chapter in 2013 for his achievements in unique mechanism development, which is unconstrained by conventional robotics. He is a specialist in cable-driven mechanisms and traction algorithms and also covers firmware for control systems, software GUI, and analysis software implementation.

Shigeyuki Nishinaka

Ph.D., Director

He finished the master’s course in Biosphere Science at Hiroshima
University, after which he joined Nippon Steel Corp.
He then worked in drug discovery research in the pharmaceutical
industry and gained experience with drug discovery research and
business planning at Sumitomo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Daiichi
Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Since 2009, he has worked with Dainippon
Sumitomo Pharma Co., Ltd.
He has experience promoting introduction and mergers and acquisitions
(M&A) projects for venture companies using his drug discovery and
business knowledge. In 2017, he became Dainippon Sumitomo Pharma
executive officer, and was named director of MELTIN in 2018.

Mizuki Komasa


He completed a Master’s degree in bioinformatics in 2008 and began a career at Megabank. In 2011, he moved to investment banking as a vice-president and led numerous equity finance and M&A activities. In 2015, he joined Real Tech Fund, a VC with interest in tech ventures in areas such as aerospace and life science, and then MELTIN MMI as an auditor in 2017.

Takahiro Uchida

M.D., Ph.D., M.S., Medical Adviser

Board Certified physician in Internal medicine and Cardiology. M.S. in Epidemiology from Harvard School of Public Health in 2002. Certificate in General Management Program from Harvard Business School in 2010. He is the first Japanese Medical Officer at the Center for Devices and Radiological Health, US FDA. He is also former Medical Director at Boston Scientific Corporation, and he is a specialist in medical device development. He considers the clinical need for product development. He commercializes medical devices globally by using his wide variety of knowledge and experience from designing the clinical trial through marketing. In 2012 he founded JOMDD, Japanese first full-fledged medical incubator, then he joined MELTIN MMI in 2017.

Sumio Ito


He founded his factory lab in 2008 where he prototypes machines for universities and research institutions. He is responsible for all aspects of production technology.

Shusuke Fukamachi


He finished the master's course of law at Waseda University in 1999
and registered as a lawyer in 2004. He joined in establishing the
Foresight General Law Office in 2011 after gaining experience in a
domestic corporate legal law office. In 2013, he was appointed an
office partner. In addition to many years of providing corporate legal
support for venture companies implementing initial public offerings
(IPOs), he has experience with corporate governance as an outside
officer of several companies. He was named auditor of MELTIN in 2018.

Yuki Tazaki


Expertized in concept development, creative direction and producing in art & science and architecture projects. Producing a new generation cultural center "Hakodate Miraikan," art installation "UNITY of MOTION" in Seoul, art pavilion project "KOHTEI" with Kohei Nawa.
(Contemporary artist) and collaborative art & science project "Enceladus" with Tokyo Institute of Technology ELSI (Earth Life Research Institute).

Masahiro Shinoda

Medical Device Manager

Information Technology Strategist certified by METI.GO.JP. He supported over 100 patents to be granted as Patent Consultant at Tokyo central patent firm. As a Business Producer at Institute of Immunology Co., Ltd., a biotech incubator, he drove research and business development based on the patents in Japan and United States and also involved in conflict resolution of medical devices and antibody drug. After this experience, he joined Astamuse Co., Ltd., the startup from Tokyo University and an open innovation platform provider. In 2015 he joined JOMDD, then he became Medical Device Manager of MELTIN MMI from 2017 for realizing the cyborg technology.

Kensaku Yamamoto


Master of pharmaceutical sciences in Kyoto University graduate school, a registered lawyer since 2005. After a business experience in leading law firm, he went to University of Southern California law school and got masters degree in 2012. He had also done job training in leading law firm in the States. He is now head of lawyer in SHUSAKU·YAMAMOTO, a leading one-stop solution intellectual property, technology and related commercial law firm in Japan. He handles a lot of large-scale or cross-border IPs, and corporate legal works. He became company attorney of MELTIN MMI from 2017.