Promoting finger extension and separation in individuals with flexion dominant high spasticity paralysis.

Brs 1-2

Case Examples

(1) Extensor contraction is present, but flexor muscles are dominant.
(2) Tendency for flexor muscles to synergistically contract.
(3) Difficulty with extension (release) after flexion (grasp).


(1) (2) Improving finger extension motion and finger separation .
(3) Learn to grasp and release items.

MELTz Modes

Active instruction mode → Active free mode.

Exercise menu and content

Make fist/extend fingers/relax (Limited mode ON or OFF)

  • Repeat fist/extend fingers/relax in accordance with instructions from equipment.
  • Grasp object and release (object = beanbag, sponge foam, large-sized pegs, etc.).


  • Limited mode used in cases of persistent extensor muscle contraction difficulties or instability.
  • Difficulty adjusted (small to large, increased extension range) depending on the item.