Promoting applied grasping movements in individuals with opposable thumb movement difficulties using grasping exercises with large blocks.

Brs 5-6

Case Examples

Finger separation is possible, but the individual has difficulty grasping and releasing in the thumb opposition.


Expand the range of motion in the thumb opposition, learning to grasp and release objects

MELTz Modes

Active instruction mode → Active free mode.

Exercise menu and content

Make fist/extend fingers/relax (Limited mode ON or OFF)

  • Repeated finger flexion and extension (grasping and releasing) in opposition in accordance with instructions from equipment.
  • Repetitive grasping and releasing of objects (object = large blocks, etc.).

Points Regarding Treatment

  • Use limited mode in cases of persistent extension difficulties or instability.
  • Adjust the range of movement to suit the object (remove the MP stopper if you want to perform MP joint extension (> 0°)).
  • Difficulty is adjusted depending on the item (increased item width).
  • If it is difficult to build up opposition using only the device, use a thumb support band or other method.
  • Provide sensory re-education when grasping items.